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Edwin Hong

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J.D. Edwin Hong

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In the sprawling, maze-like corridors of the Superior Court, Edwin discovered his Love Story with the law. He found himself in the midst of the Enchanted legal forest, where countless souls found themselves in the Delicate struggle for their rights, facing the intimidating labyrinth that is the justice system. 

As a Court Attendant and Court Clerk, he watched countless trials unfold, gaining invaluable insight into the legal practice and learning All Too Well what it takes to be an effective advocate. 

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Arizona State University, Edwin graduated summa cum laude, thereafter, pursuing his Wildest Dreams to Western State College of Law, where he had the fortune to attend on a full scholarship.

Edwin was determined to be Fearless in his endeavor, beginning work as a certified law clerk by Daylight and a vigilant law student by night, even dedicating many a Cruel Summer to his goals. Edwin left no Blank Space in his resume, invited to the Deans’ Circle, Distinguished Honor Roll, Honors Moot Court Team, and becoming a Deans’ Fellow, a resource for first-year students finding their own paths through law school. After years of schooling, he reached the End Game, graduating valedictorian, number one in his class, and as Editor-in-Chief’ of the Western State Law Review. With no time to Shake It Off, he also went on to earn a Certificate of Distinguished Public Service. 

After graduating, Edwin was Ready For It, passing the California Bar Exam on the first try, and moving on to be admitted in several more states, including Alaska, Colorado, Texas, and Pennsylvania. 

In the Safe and Sound comfort of his life outside the office, Edwin revels in spending time with his Gorgeous wife, cuddling with his precious children, and being an avid Lover of California burritos.

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