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Rian Butler

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Rian Butler is based in Austin, Texas and is of counsel to Simon Law Group. The Rian Butler Law Firm focuses on personal injury cases in Texas.

Rian’s (pronounced like “Ian” with an R in front of it) diverse upbringing has allowed him to meet and connect with people across many different cultures. Born in Ireland, his dad’s side still lives there and he visits as often as he can (but not as much as he’d like). His mom’s side gave him his Texas roots. He grew up and attended undergrad and law school in Houston before he and his wife (and their two dogs) moved to southwest Austin.

Rian started his career at a two (then three) lawyer firm in Houston. Before, during, and after law school, he managed an economic loss docket of cases arising out of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He continued that work after becoming a lawyer while also gaining traditional personal injury experience working on cases involving auto accidents, premises liability, and workplace injuries. In Austin, he worked for a large personal injury firm handling a similar range of personal injury cases. In 2020, he took his experience and lessons from those firms and started his own personal injury firm in Austin.

Outside of the office you’ll find Rian working on his golf game, or with his wife at concerts or hiking at parks around Central Texas.

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