Settlement $1,000,000

Boyd v. Confidential


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April Boyd was rear-ended by a utility truck and after a few days, started to feel neck pain. After a few months of chiropractic treatment, her symptoms did not get better, and the truck’s insurance company said the impact was so light, because it was only a few hundred dollars, that no injury could have developed. So, she retained the Simon Law Group to fight for her! We got her into a world famous neurosurgeon who identified the problem in her neck, and performed fusion surgery, and her recovery was spectacular. The defendant fought everything, and on the eve of trial, after each side had retained eight experts, the case settled for 1M. The driving force in the case was the fact that April Boyd was an amazing and good person, and even though the defense followed her around for months, they could not “dig up” anything bad on her. She was a truly deserved person of this settlement.

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