Harm in Large Trucking Crashes: Safety in the Winter Season

Harm in Large Trucking Crashes

Most of us have experienced the fear driving near semi-trucks or tractor-trailers on the road. There is a reason we feel some worry and apprehension as we approach these large trucks. The main reason is the harm and devastation they leave in their wake when involved in crashes. A recent crash in Northern California, near Moss Landing, serves as a reminder of the harm large trucks can cause on the road. California is moving into a cold winter storm that is expected to produce rain, wind, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, so now, more than ever, it is important to be extra cautious while driving.

Most Californians are inexperienced under harsh weather conditions, and “professional” drivers are not immune, either! Now is a good time to remember the power of these trucks on the road and how we can avoid catastrophic crashes while driving near them. There are several easy steps we can take on the road to avoid harm caused by large trucks. Below is a list of great safety tips for drivers:

  1. Be mindful of new rainfall. New rain mixes with oil and other car fluids on the ground and creates a slippery sheet on the surface of roads.
  2. Increase the distance between you and large trucks on the road. This will allow you an opportunity to correct your direction if needed. Just because someone is driving a big truck, that does not mean they are well rested, or paying attention.
  3. Always remain outside the blind spots of large trucks. A good way to determine whether you are in a truck’s blind spot is to check whether you can see its side-view mirror. If you can see its side-view mirror, the truck driver can see you as well.
  4. Large trucks are often carrying heavy loads, so they will need more time to maneuver, turn, and operate on the road. This relates back to the first point and the importance of keeping necessary distance.
  5. If you pass a large truck on the road, always try to pass the left side. This gives you a better chance of appearing in the driver’s side-view mirror and signaling your presence.

With all this being stated, large semi-trucks and tractor-trailers are necessary on our roads. They are the lifeline of commerce and help our economy function daily. We depend on large trucks to ship our goods, fix our roads, and even provide important utility services in our communities. However, it is important that we remain aware of their presence and the potential for the harm they can cause.

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