Julie Gossett
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Julie Gossett

Julie Gossett is the youngest of the five Simon siblings. She moved from Pittsburgh, PA to attend UCSD to study Constitutional Law and Business. After graduating in three years (with honors), Julie worked full-time as a Tax Preparer and Auditor for non-profit organizations. While working, she completed her Certificate Program in Accounting from the University of California, Berkeley.

In search of cowboys and breakfast tacos, Julie moved to Austin, Texas in 2015. While working full-time, she opened up a home bakery in 2017 selling custom cookies and cupcakes. In 2019, after seven years in the number-crunching business, Julie quit her accounting job to open her own Creative Consulting business. She worked on various media and marketing projects while continuing to grow her home bakery.

Now that she’s acquired a (Tennessee) cowboy and is full on breakfast tacos, Julie is moving back to California to continue working in media and marketing with the Simon Law Group.

In her spare time, Julie beats her husband in board games and fosters dogs from local animal shelters. She’s helped fifteen dogs and puppies find their forever homes (including three separate pairs of orphaned, bottle-fed puppies).