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Linda Simon

Linda Pinello Simon was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. She was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom and raise five wonderful and successful children. When her kids were comfortable enough with her going back into the work force, she started working part time for the local school district and also for a major greeting card company. After her youngest started high school, Linda began working full time as the administrative assistant for a local real estate company where she worked for five years. Now that all five of her children have moved to various parts of California she can now spend more time with them.

In July of 2010, Linda moved from PA to LA to be near her children and become part of the SLG. Linda brings her vast experience as an administrative assistant to The Simon Law Group. In August of 2011, she then moved from LA to Orange County to work in the Santa Ana Office where she is more than just the office manager. She assists her sons in every aspect of their practice and is proud to see that her sons are living out their dream of helping others.

Linda enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves to cook, bake, work out, and the California life. She doesn’t miss the cold and snow of Pittsburgh! Linda likes to travel and is happy that the beach is always within reach. Being an avid sports fan, she enjoys the LA Clippers and Angels, but will never give up her love for her Pens, Pirates and Steelers! She enjoys attending any sporting event especially when her home teams come to town. She can now watch the Steelers games with her children and grandchildren.

Linda is happy to continue her role as the mother hen, looking after her baby chicks!