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Louis Gomez

Louis Gomez was born in southern California to a household that believed in hard work. Being the son of a small business owner, he witnessed firsthand the benefits of personal effort. This molded Louis into the hardworking man he is today.

After being a standout baseball player at Alhambra High School, he entered the workforce. He began his career at the prestigious Law firm of Michael J. Puize. During his 19 year tenure, he facilitated the case preparation of some of California’s most significant personal injury verdicts. His efficiencies and capabilities to keep the law firm on track proved instrumental in achieving victory (over the dark side).

Since then, Louis has proven that hard work will take you where talent cannot by being successful in various industries including: apparel, the waste industry, and even a little politics. During his free time Louis enjoys going on family road trips, visiting the Padres at Petco Park, and cheering for his children’s sports teams. He also enjoys writing children’s books and recently became a published author.