Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident?

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident?

Minor traffic accidents make up the bulk of all motorist incidents in Hermosa Beach. This is in large part due to the sheer plethora of vehicles on the city’s roads at any given time.

However, being in a relatively minor car accident does not always result in equally minor consequences. What appears to be a less serious car accident on the surface can still inflict debilitating injuries and cause significant auto damage. 

Minor accidents are often brushed off as non-serious events that need little to no further attention, but in many cases, they are actually more serious than they appear to be to the untrained eye. Hiring a lawyer even after a perceived minor car accident is always a good idea.

Hidden Injuries After a Minor Car Accident

A minor accident can still cause an injury that, while not appearing to be serious, still is in actuality. For example, the symptoms of whiplash injuries commonly manifest long after the accident that causes them. Though whiplash produces pain, it is only nominal at first in some cases.

Common hidden injuries that often become noticeable after a car crash include the following:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Contusions
  • Internal organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Spinal cord damage

In some cases, it‘s even possible to suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after what seemed to be a minor car accident, especially if one of the vehicles involved is a motorcycle or a bicycle. Pedestrians may also suffer TBIs or other significant injuries in similar circumstances.

The problem with these hidden injuries is that they typically worsen when left untreated. As time marches on, they may even become debilitating or life-threatening. Treatment often requires immense amounts of capital and great insurance. Even then, you could be looking at significant time away from work and lost wages as a result. 

A personal injury lawyer will fight to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.  Without a lawyer, you could be stuck dealing with immense losses that were caused by (and ultimately the responsibility of) someone else. 

Hidden Auto Damage

Low-speed crashes are still capable of causing undetectable auto body damage to the untrained eye, leading to unexpected vehicle troubles. This can significantly tax your finances later down the line. Getting another driver’s insurance company to cover the damage could also be challenging. 

If you file a claim for the damage, you are more likely to get what you are properly owed with an attorney representing you. This holds especially true for owners of expensive or specialty vehicles. 

Potential Liability

Hiring an attorney after a minor accident is an excellent means of protecting yourself from future liability regarding the accident. 

For example, suppose you get into a minor crash with another driver (who is obviously at fault. , You ultimately shake hands and exchange basic insurance information because you only feel a little pain, and your car is barely scratched. The other driver could hire an attorney to file a claim for injuries and auto damage. This could lead to your insurance company receiving a claim for damages or you even being sued directly.

Although that tactic may not work in many cases of obvious liability (the other driver was driving under the influence or ran a red light), it can easily blindside you when liability is unclear. By hiring an experienced car accident lawyer, you can avoid any potential claims or counterclaims against you. 

Insurance Company Troubles

When it comes time to claim compensation, insurance companies largely ignore the needs of the claimants and focus instead on their profit margins. It is in an insurance company’s best interests to pay adjusters and insurance defense lawyers to battle claimants seeking fair compensation. 

That is often especially true following minor car accidents. Insurance company adjusters often dispute the validity of serious injuries due to a faulty perception of an accident. 

On its face, an accident may appear minor and incapable of justifying the compensation being sought by the injured party. An adjuster would likely deny or reduce the claim. Thankfully, an attorney can fight to prevent such an outcome through settlement negotiations or trial.

Finding the Right Car Accident Lawyer

In choosing to hire an attorney, you have made a choice that will help protect your future. Now, your task is to find the right attorney. It can be difficult, given the number of car accident lawyers in Hermosa Beach. 

The following tips can help you find the one who is right for you: 

Ask Friends, Family, and Co-Workers

Out of all your friends, family, and co-workers, there are likely to be at least a few who have used the services of a car accident lawyer. Speak with them and try to compile a list of five or more options. 

Also, ask them questions such as:

  • What was the result of your case?
  • Were you overall satisfied with the lawyer’s service?
  • Did you feel like you were treated with dignity and respect?
  • Was your attorney available when you needed them?

You should also inquire into payments, fees, and costs. Most car accident lawyers charge contingency fees and may do so at different percentages. 

Search Online

Use the internet to expand your list, ensuring that you stick to attorneys who have demonstrated experience with cases similar to yours. Check attorney websites, directories, listings, and results from Google and other search engines. 

Results, Reviews, and Testimonials

Check each attorney’s case results and testimonial pages on your list, then review more unbiased results on sites like Google Reviews and Yelp. You shouldn’t let one bad review be the reason why you eliminate a particular candidate, but still pay close attention to multiple unfavorable reviews. 

Meet With Each Potential Lawyer

Finally, you want to have a sit down with each candidate. They can review your case and answer questions regarding their experience, availability to clients, and confidence in your case. 

Protect Yourself and Your Future By Hiring a Lawyer for Your Minor Car Accident Case

If you have been in a minor car accident, you should strongly consider a free consultation with an experienced Hermosa Beach car accident attorney. You may be leaving valuable compensation on the table for hidden injuries and expensive vehicle damage.

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