Hermosa Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer 

Were you recently injured on the job? If so, you may be able to recover compensation for expenses arising from your workplace injury. Our experienced Hermosa Beach workers’ compensation lawyers can help you navigate the often complex workers’ compensation system in Hermosa Beach, CA. 

The Simon Law Group has recovered over 600 million dollars for injury victims since our founding in 2009. We are prepared to put our resources and over 250 years of combined experience to work for you. Contact our law offices after your workplace accident in Hermosa Beach, California, for a free consultation with our Hermosa Beach workers’ compensation attorney. Call (424) 722-3209 today.

How The Simon Law Group Can Help With Your Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits 

How The Simon Law Group Can Help With Your Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Even when you have a valid workers’ compensation claim, it can be challenging to recover the benefits you’re entitled to. The Simon Law Group can help you pursue the benefits you deserve after suffering an injury at work. 

When you hire us, our Hermosa Beach personal injury lawyers will work to do the following for your case: 

The Simon Law Group strives to make the workers’ compensation process easier for accident victims. If you were injured at work, you don’t have to deal with the aftermath alone. Contact our Hermosa Beach workers’ compensation attorneys for the support you need after a workplace accident in Hermosa Beach, CA. 

How Common Are Workplace Accidents in Hermosa Beach, CA? 

Workplace accidents occur far too often in Hermosa Beach, California. In 2022, California recorded over 565,000 nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses. 419,300 of those nonfatal injuries and illnesses occurred in the private sector. 295,200 of those injuries were classified as severe and involved missing work, transferring jobs, or restrictions.

What Is Workers’ Compensation? 

California law requires all employers to have workers’ compensation insurance, regardless of the company’s size. Employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, no matter who was at fault for the workplace accident. 

Workers’ Compensation provides two-thirds of your gross wages and additional benefits if you’re hurt while working. These benefits include medical treatment, disability, retraining or skill enhancement vouchers, and partial wage replacement. These benefits are intended to protect workers and employers in the aftermath of an accident.

We Handle Various Types of Workers’ Compensation Cases in California

Accidents necessitating a workers’ compensation claim arise in a variety of workplaces. These cases are often complex and require the expertise of a skilled Hermosa Beach workers’ compensation lawyer. 

The Simon Law Group has successfully helped clients in a variety of workplace accident cases, including the following: 

Whether you’re injured in a forklift accident while moving boxes or trip on a coworker’s extension cord, our personal injury lawyers can help you pursue just compensation. 

Do I Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?  

If you’re injured on the job, you’re likely concerned about what to do next. Determining whether you qualify for workers compensation’ benefits is a crucial step after a workplace injury. You may qualify for workers’ compensation if you work in California, your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, and your injury was work-related. 

It may be challenging to prove that your injury occurred while you were working as you attempt to focus on healing. The Simon Law Group will advocate for you and build a strong case to support your work-related injury claim. 

What Is My Workers’ Compensation Claim Worth? 

Each workers’ compensation case in Hermosa Beach, California, is different. 

The extent of the benefits you can be awarded will depend on a few factors, including:

Your Hermosa Beach workers’ compensation attorney will work with you to determine the full extent of benefits you’re entitled to after a workplace injury.  

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer? 

Many workers’ compensation attorneys in California work on a contingency fee basis. You only pay your attorney’s fees if they win compensation for you. This allows you to secure quality legal representation without taking on a financial burden. If your case is won, your attorney will take an agreed-upon percentage of your awarded compensation. 

The Simon Law Group also offers free consultations for new clients if you want to learn more about our contingency fee arrangements. 

Can I Recover Workers’ Compensation Benefits if I’m Being Blamed for My Injury? 

In California, workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance system. Even if you are entirely at fault for your workplace injury, you can still receive benefits through workers’ compensation. However, if your injuries did not occur while in the course of working, your claim can be denied entirely.  When speaking with your workers’ compensation attorney, it is important to be truthful about what led to your injury. 

We’ll Fight to Recover Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Your Injuries 

Workers’ compensation claims arise from a variety of injuries that occur in various industries. 

Common injuries associated with workers’ compensation claims include the following: 

A workplace injury can have a devastating impact on your health and quality of life. 

Can I Recover Damages Outside of Workers’ Compensation?

Typically, workplace injuries require you to seek recourse via the workers’ compensation system. However, you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim in certain instances. 

You may be able to recover damages outside of workers’ compensation in the following instances: 

A personal injury claim allows you to pursue damages beyond what is available through workers’ compensation. You can recover economic damages for your financial losses and non-economic damages for the emotional harm you endure. 

Economic damages available in personal injury cases include the following: 

Non-economic damages available in personal injury cases include the following: 

A dedicated Hermosa Beach personal injury attorney can work with you to recover the full extent of damages you’re entitled to after a workplace injury. 

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in California? 

In California, you have 30 days to report your workplace injury. After notifying your employer, you have one year from the date of the injury to file a formal claim. If you fail to file your claim before the statute of limitations expires, you may lose your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Keeping track of crucial deadlines for your workers’ compensation claim while focusing on healing from your injuries can be challenging. Don’t lose your right to recover the benefits you’re entitled to. A seasoned Hermosa workers’ compensation attorney can ensure your claim is filed on time. Contact The Simon Law Group today to learn more about your legal options.

What Should I Do if I Was Injured at Work? 

Workplace injuries can be stressful and overwhelming to navigate. However, knowing what to expect if you are injured on the job can help you recover the compensation you deserve. 

Take the following steps if you are injured while at work

Your Hermosa Beach Workers’ compensation attorney can walk you through the process of recovering the benefits you’re entitled to after being injured on the job.  

Contact Our Hermosa Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for a Free Consultation

You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you were injured while working in Hermosa Beach, California. Our Hermosa Beach workers’ compensation lawyers have extensive experience advocating for workers to receive the justice they deserve. As you focus on recovering from your workplace injuries, The Simon Law Group is here to make this challenging time more manageable for you. 

Don’t delay getting the help you need after a workplace injury. Contact The Simon Law Group to schedule your free consultation with a Hermosa Beach Workers’ compensation lawyer and learn more about your legal options.