Torrance Car Accident Statistics

Torrance car accident statistics show that the city is fairly safe. Using summary data from the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), you can calculate that Torrance has a fatality rate of less than half the national average. For its population of over 140,000, it has a relatively low number of crashes, injuries, and deaths.

Despite this road safety record, car accidents still happen. Since Torrance has only a small segment of I-405 cutting across its northern corner, most of the crashes in the city occur at intersections on city streets. 

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How The Simon Law Group Can Help After a Car Accident in Torrance, CA

How The Simon Law Group Can Help After a Car Accident in Torrance, CA

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Does Torrance Have Safe Roads?

Torrance has relatively safe roads. According to the SWITRS summary data, the city has averaged just over 5 deaths and just under 670 injuries per year over the past three years. While the human cost of each of these fatal and non-fatal injuries is huge, these numbers are extraordinarily small for a city the size of Torrance.

On the other hand, Torrance’s crash numbers have worsened significantly over the past three years. Using the SWITRS summary data, you can calculate that the number of crashes that cause injury or death has jumped by over 20% since 2020. Over the same period, the state of California only saw a 9.3% increase in fatal and injury crashes.

Thus, despite the city’s relatively good history of road safety, the number of crashes, injuries, and deaths has trended upward. These increases erode road safety and could result in future crash statistics more similar to other cities in Los Angeles County. 

Car Crash Statistics in Torrance, California

According to the SWITRS summary data, Torrance had 521 traffic crashes that caused injury or death in 2022, the most recent full year with statistics. 

These crashes included:

The remaining 410 multi-vehicle collisions involved automobiles, large trucks, buses, and motorcycles.

Crash Injuries and Fatalities

Traffic collisions in Torrance included 4 fatal crashes and 517 non-fatal injury crashes. 

These crashes caused:

In total, 698 people were injured or killed in Torrance traffic collisions in 2022. 

These accident victims included:

Despite the high number of bike crashes in 2022, the city had no cyclist fatalities. The city’s pedestrian crashes, injuries, and fatalities have also improved over the past five years, with 2022’s numbers roughly 14% below the city’s five-year average.

How Torrance Crashes Happen

Since only a small segment of the 405 freeway runs through Torrance, most of the city’s crashes occur at intersections of surface roads. Intersection crashes almost always happen when one driver fails to yield the right of way to another. 

Some examples of this violation include:

Another common cause of crashes in Torrance is speeding. When drivers speed, they increase the risk of losing control of their vehicles. They also reduce the time they have to swerve or stop if they spot a hazard in the road.

When Torrance Crashes Occur

As you might expect, the most dangerous time to drive on weekdays falls during the afternoon rush hour. In 2022, crashes peaked between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. every weekday except Thursday. On Thursday, crashes peaked during lunchtime between noon and 3 p.m.

Weekday crashes far exceeded weekend crashes. Sunday was the safest day to drive in Torrance in 2022.

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