Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Torrance, CA

Car crashes can occur anywhere, but some roads see a higher number of collisions than others. Torrance has a few of these roads and intersections to watch for. 

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How The Simon Law Group Can Help You After a Car Accident in Torrance, CA

How The Simon Law Group Can Help You After a Car Accident in Torrance, CA

Getting into a traffic collision can be a traumatic experience that may leave you with physical and emotional scars. It can also impact you financially. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may be eligible for compensation. The best way to achieve this is to turn to Torrance personal injury lawyers with decades of experience. 

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Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Torrance, CA

Torrance is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area in what’s called the South Bay region. In the area of Torrance, one of the most dangerous roads is the I-10 freeway. This transcontinental highway is known as one of the darkest roads because of the lack of streetlights. It also has a reputation for a high number of intoxicated drivers. 

Torrance Blvd is also a dangerous road, with a number of intersections that are complicated to traverse, especially during high traffic. Since high traffic is the norm throughout Torrance Blvd, head-on collisions and rear-end crashes are common. 

West Manchester Avenue and Normandie Avenue is a problematic intersection that also sees a lot of traffic, as does South Vermont Avenue and West Florence Avenue. They can be confusing to navigate, leading to driver errors that could be deadly. 

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Torrance, CA

In a recent year, there were 4,285 traffic fatalities throughout the state of California. Although there are many reasons for traffic accidents on the most dangerous roads in Torrance, intoxicated driving is one of the most common issues. Each year, alcohol-involved crashes make up almost one-third of all California traffic deaths

Alcohol affects the central nervous system, making people less coordinated and impacting their reflexes. It can also make drivers more reckless. 

These days, it can be tough to stay focused while driving, which is why distracted driving is another common cause of accidents. Annually, around 140 people die in California crashes involving a distracted driver. Although cell phone usage is the most common form of distraction, anything that takes attention away from driving is dangerous. 

Speeding also leads to many accidents throughout the state. More than 13,000 serious injuries occur in California each year because of speeding. A driver who is speeding won’t be able to react quickly enough to prevent a collision if they encounter a hazard on the road. The crash will also be more severe because of the force of a speeding vehicle. 

What Damages Can You Pursue After a Torrance Car Accident?

If you suffered losses after an accident, you can claim economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are those that are quantifiable, like medical expenses. In instances when the injury is serious enough to require ongoing medical care, you can get coverage for future medical costs, too.

Another type of economic damage you can claim is lost wages. If you missed work while getting treatments, you could receive compensation for the salary and commissions you lost. 

Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, which compensates you for the physical and emotional distress you’ve dealt with because of the accident. They also include loss of enjoyment of life if you’re not able to live as you did before the accident. If a loved one died in the crash, you can also claim loss of companionship. 

In the most egregious of instances, it’s possible to claim punitive damages. These are rare and usually apply if there was malicious intent behind the at-fault party’s actions. 

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