Hermosa Beach Car Accident Frequently Asked Questions

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Understanding that each accident and injury is unique, our Hermosa Beach personal injury attorneys deliver tailored care and devise a legal strategy designed specifically for your circumstances. With 250 years of combined experience in personal injury law, our car accident lawyers are equipped to help you secure a favorable outcome for your case.

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How The Simon Law Group Can Help if You Were Injured in a Hermosa Beach, CA Car Accident

How The Simon Law Group Can Help if You Were Injured in a Hermosa Beach, CA Car Accident

Car accidents bring not just physical, emotional, and financial anguish but also uncertainty about your future. You’re seeking fair compensation for injuries resulting from an accident you didn’t cause.

Navigating the process for fair compensation while trying to rebuild your life can feel daunting. Our dedicated Hermosa Beach personal injury lawyers have committed their legal careers to helping accident victims through the complicated insurance claims process. To date, we’ve obtained over $600 million for our deserving clients.

At The Simon Law Group, we stand ready to assist, advocating fiercely for the rights of accident victims in various car accidents, including:

Some assume that securing compensation for injuries after a Hermosa Beach, California, accident merely involves filing a claim with the insurance company. However, they soon realize insurers prioritize their own financial interests.

You don’t have to endure unfair treatment from insurance companies employing bad faith tactics to limit or reject your compensation. Reach out to The Simon Law Group for a free consultation. Discover how we’ll fiercely advocate for your rights.

Who Is Responsible for Paying for My Injuries Following a Hermosa Beach Car Accident?

In Hermosa Beach, car accidents are an unfortunate reality. Understanding liability for injuries resulting from these accidents is crucial. California operates under an “at-fault” system, which means the person responsible for the accident—or their insurer—is accountable for the financial repercussions of those injuries.

To establish that someone else’s negligence led to your injury, you must demonstrate specific elements of negligence:

Once negligence is proven, you’re entitled to compensatory damages, designed to cover both financial and non-financial losses incurred due to the accident.

Financial losses may include economic damages such as medical expenses, lost income, and property damage, while non-economic damages encompass pain and suffering, mental distress, loss of life enjoyment, and other intangible injuries.

For comprehensive guidance on your damages, contact The Simon Law Group. We’ll meticulously evaluate your accident, ensuring you receive the full compensation you deserve.

What if I Was Partly Responsible for Causing the Car Accident?

Car accidents in Hermosa Beach often involve complex factors, which can make fault determination challenging. Sometimes, injured parties may bear partial responsibility for the accident. However, this doesn’t necessarily eliminate their compensation entirely; it just affects the amount they receive.

California follows a pure comparative rule, attributing damages based on each party’s level of fault. For instance, if your total damages amount to $100,000, and you were deemed 25% at fault, your compensation would be reduced to $75,000.

Insurance companies might attempt to minimize payouts by arguing that you were predominantly responsible for the accident.

To safeguard your rightful compensation and shield you against unfounded blame, The Simon Law Group is here to help. We’ll diligently work to ensure the insurance company provides fair treatment.

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